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Welcome to HOT 2023

2023 Keynote Speaker

Captain Jon Hall
St. Paul, MN Fire Dept

We begin our careers in the fire service with some internally defined reason as to why we want to do the job. The why factor is so important that it is one of the most commonly asked questions during hiring interviews – why do you want to enter this profession? Typically, candidates provide a rehearsed response based heavily on what they believe the interviewers want to hear. Many do not give their why further thought.

Once hired, we are often extremely motivated and heavily engaged in the job. As our careers progress, there are periods or events in our personal or professional lives that challenge our motivation. These difficult times may cause us to disengage, which can prove disastrous on the fireground. We are obligated to remain in a position of perpetual readiness. Someday we will go to our worst fire, and we must be prepared without warning.

It is essential that we explicitly define our why through thorough introspection and continue to redefine it throughout our careers. Without a clearly articulated why, it is easy to become lost and detached as difficulties arise. Our why is what will guide us through these dark times. It is not enough to simply define our why, it needs to be cemented in our daily thoughts, words, actions, and habits.

Our whys may vary, but it is vital that the fundamental fire service virtues are incorporated. At the core, we must be willing to honor our oath to the citizens we serve. We must do the right thing for others. We must take care of our brothers and sisters. And we must foster a culture of coaching, mentoring, and training. We must keep driving forward!

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2023 Event Schedule


Lecture ONLY Registration Opens: 1200 hrs CST


Hands-On Registration Opens: 1200 hrs CST


Vendor Setup: 1300 to 1600 hrs


Attendee Check-In: 0600 to 0750 hrs
Opening Ceremony: 0800 to 0815 hrs
Keynote Speech: 0815 to 0945 hrs
Breakout Session 1: 1000 to 1145 hrs
Lunch: 1150 to 1255 hrs
Breakout Session 2: 1300 to 1445 hrs
Breakout Session 3: 1500 to 1645 hrs


Hands-On Training: 0800 to 1700 hrs

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